Sunday, June 16, 2013

musings from post chemo dawn day 5

Does this chemo fatigue ever relent? Each morning since chemo drip has been worst.

Breezing through brain radiation seemed a good omen. Even first 24 to 48 hours of chemo were manageable until Friday when the walls came tumbling down.

On the other hand no pain no nausea … is a godsend. No appetite is a growing concern … nutrition shakes, smoothies, and milk shakes are my new diet. Weight loss approximately 10 lbs 'not good' ... but tomorrow is Monday and options increase when office reopens.

Ankle swelling non-existent today.

Intermittent “Hicquakes” may be the most irritating side effect. A hic-quake begins like your garden variety hiccup but quickly multiplies shaking my whole body. Nothing in radiation therapy nor chemotherapy references them, so maybe side effect of Decadron?

Today is first time I had the stamina to even sit at my desk top PC since Friday. 

Thank God our adult daughter is home. Buying a humidifier and setting it up in room may be the best Father’s Day gift , ever!    

post chemo clock = 118 hrs and ticking ... 

Patrick Leer
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  1. I had the same meds for chemo as you. In my experience, I did OK for the 1-3 days, then I hit a wall. I was weak and laid around for a few days. I had to make myself go to school to teach. NOT the most fun I've ever had!! Take the time to be a slug. Not fun, I know. I'm thinking of you!!

    Jackie aka Bama

    1. Jackie, thank you thank you thank you ... you have empowered me just knowing I am not alone.