Wednesday, June 26, 2013

chemotherapy ... fatigue ... pedicures for guys

I awoke to my 15th morning of declining fatigue since chemotherapy began on June 24.

Somewhere somehow I missed the whole fatigue lesson, though more likely I chose to ignore it since I was in and out of lung cancer surgery in 3 mornings, and breezed through brain radiation treatment.

Most mornings Megan is kind enough to take me back for a saline drip or sugar water …

I am more than freaking out that my next round begins in 6 days followed by my third on July 23 … before the big scanxiety to find out if anything happened.

Comfort food has crept back into my tastes and even diet, graham crackers with either peanut butter or nutella. Last night I ate a cream cheese & grape jam sandwich and tonight a Taylor’s pork roll with Gulden’s sandwich.

In fighting for my life I never would have guessed I would need help trimming my own toe nails … tomorrow I begin this mortifying search.

Of course who am I to whine … Patti’s father died this past weekend and well death trumps.

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