Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Update about updates.

Still Megan posting, but dad wanted to let you all know that small updates will be posted periodically at his facebook page until he can get to a full screen computer and post these himself.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Interlude, Daughter Guest Blogging from the Hospital

Don't let the title alarm you too much. Patrick is currently in the hospital and I asked if it would be okay to post an update on his behalf.

My dad mentioned low white blood cells in his last post and wondered about an infection. Last Wednesday we got our answer when I woke up and found he was unable to get up from the chair where he'd spent the night after staying up late to watch Sons of Anarchy. After arriving by ambulance at the hospital, they determined his white blood cells were the worst they'd ever been because he'd managed to contact pneumonia.

He claims I'm patient zero, I blame the cat, and who knows who she blames.

We had a scary two days where he did not respond to antibiotics, but after a 31 hour wait, we finally moved up from the emergency room into a private neutropenic hospital room. His vitals remained steady and his blood work finally began to improve.

As it is, I've made you read too much to get to the point and my dad would grade my blogging poorly! His infection is mostly gone and being fought off. He's mostly healthy again. They did the MRI scan as requested by his doctor and found only improvement and stability when compared to the one he had done in July. Dad would've hugged the doctor who told us if he could have.

But...note my overuse of the word 'mostly'. It's been two weeks since his fifth round of chemo, and he went through a huge ordeal this past week and it's left him very physically weak. He'll be discharged to somewhere that deals with inpatient physical therapy so he can regain his strength and independence.

We haven't found out where that place will be yet, but I am sure one of the first goals he will set will be to be dexterous enough that I trust him with my laptop so he can tell everyone how he's doing on his own! And don't worry he won't be able to see your comments - I fully plan to read them out loud to him, maybe even the ones from spam bots.