Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tysabri in the chemo lounge

Alive with real life stories … chemo lounges are more educational than any professional.

We decided to use this 121st day of chemotherapy to try and include Patti …

Wracked by guilt over not being able to be as involved as normal with Patti since my cancer DX … maybe just maybe if Megan brought her by at the end of my treatment session Patti may retain something about my treatment?

Arriving I discovered a corner of the chemo lounge not only talking about Multiple Sclerosis but receiving TYSABRI through IV drip bags!!!!!  .. Apparently once a month they gather for their Tysabri … I was slackjawed to learn … and more important to receive their understanding of what I was facing … where has this group been??? … of course, in a chemo lounge … where else?

Who knows what Patti retains but she was engaged and chatty  … visually impaired … IV poles and bags of colored liquid likely seemed more festive than medical.

We closed out the adventure with dinner at of Helena's Chocolate Cafe & Creperie … and of course some laughter to end this day.
Bottom line I am alive!!!  …18 months since original DX of Stage 1 Lung Cancer and now 4 months since DX of Stage 4 Lung Cancer with brain mets … I am beginning Round 4 of chemotherapy. 

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