Friday, August 30, 2013

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Dawn #120 Stardust the Chemo Cat

Yes I have shared some strange and unusual side effects of chemo but none quite like this … once was an anomaly, twice … let me tell you the tale of “Stardust the Chemo Cat”

“All the king's chemo and all the king's medical people … leave Patrick in a post funk after each new Round of Chemo.”

Well … except for Round 1 and Round 4.  

Laying in my recliner, Father's Day weekend after Round 1 with zero appetite … our cat Stardust jumps through her cat window bearing a squealing “chipmunk” for me …talk about a post funk erasure … hearing the ruckus Megan with the speed of professional ball player grabs the chipmunk out of Stardust’s mouth returning it outdoors 

Then last night after starting Round 4 yesterday … I was dozing off and awoke to Stardust playing with what sounded like a squeaky toy … my eyes flung open realizing Stardust does not play with squeaking toys … it was something alive 

Yelling for Megan she appears and blocks the cat window while Stardust tries to get her squeaking squirming “vole” to cooperate without having to kill it. 

Following each episode I have done my best to express my gratitude, but 'no thanks', for fresh rodent following a each new round of Chemo … 

Anyone else out there in the land of ‘trying to survive’ have a pet that cares enough to hunt and bring you food?

Patrick Leer
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  1. Patrick,

    I think we all have seat at the "land of trying to survive" concert. You're up near the front row, while I'm sitting farther back ... for the moment - who knows what my future might bring. But I digress - when we had indoor/outdoor cats, one in particular was quite the hunter. She would bring freshly captured wildlife to our kitchen step on a weekly basis and then proceed to "play" with it until we distracted her enough for it to escape. Thankfully we didn't have a cat door. But, once we had a squirrel fall down our chimney and the cats had a field day chasing it around the house (we came home to overturned lamps, etc) until the squirrel returned to the smoke shelf of the fireplace that had a woodstove (and no damper). A sheet of plywood and an open front door enabled a speedy escape.

    Hope the Mediport made this week's infusion easier.


    1. Steve my cat awards you 'one vole' for wordsmith of the day ... even Shakespeare could not have come up with "land of trying to survive"

  2. What a thing to wake up to Patrick. It a sick but cute kind of way, maybe your cat is trying to give you a nice meal after chemo. Pets can be very intuitive :-0 Hang in there Patrick and tell your cat 'thanks but no thanks.'

    1. it's certainly had me googling :)and more important smiling and laughing