Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Round 5 Chemotherapy for Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Went for a sunset walk with my daughter today in 62°F (16.6°)C fall temperatures.

Yeah it was only a quarter mile contrasted to 5K over a year ago … then again my DX in August '12 was Stage 1 Lung Cancer and I was still getting NED (no evidence of active disease) scans …

Today I began "Round 5" of Chemotherapy (carboplatin + Altima) for Stage 4 Lung Cancer with brain mets.

Each round of chemotherapy is brutal and bittersweet, especially today as I tried to balance excitement over my soaring blood counts and learning that two of the 11 “survivors” I met at the Harrisburg Free to Breathe Lung Cancer 5K Run/Walk on August 24th, died over the past 4 weeks. … Stage 4 is a vulnerable existence.

I grab at little things like being handed a 60 tablet RX … or a pulse oximeter reading of 100% for lungs with a wedge out of one lung and three tumors in the other lung ... what makes us smile is likely very different than others.

Patrick Leer
Health Activist:
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @ http://caregivinglyyours.blogspot.com/


  1. "...what makes us smile is likely very different than others."

    Yep, so very true! Odd, random, and often surprising!

    It's good to hear from you! You've been on my mind! Keep up the good work! ;)

    1. Hey Jackie, speaking of 'surprising' ... feeling the seasons change on my bald head is soooo cool! :)

  2. Patrick,

    Good to hear from you. Round 5 - starting another round is a good thing, rising blood counts - even better!
    Hang in there!


    1. thanks Steve ... AND last night we stretched the walk to a half mile !!!!

    2. Fantastic! Keep pushing the envelope! The human body is amazingly resilient and adaptive; glad to note after re-reading your post that yours is functioning as well as it is after all that modern medicine has thrown at you. Hope your counts remain stable and you have enjoyed other inspirations such as those you noted. As always, sending our healing energy and prayers to you.


  3. I am so glad to hear your blood counts were good enough to get chemo. I am so sorry to hear about the two friends that passed away. Cancer is such a monster! Hang in there Patrick!

  4. I'am glad to find this post! when my blood counts were too whacked out to get chemo. Just think of it as a rest for your body. love and prayers is all. Thanks for sharing information.

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