Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Dawn #120 mediport

Waking up this morning to my 120th Stage 4 Lung Cancer morning, I was back in the Hospital for an outpatient procedure … having a Xcela™ Power Injectable Port (mediport) installed by Dr. Jay Goodman, diagnostic and interventional radiology, at Holy Spirit Hospital.

Noticing fellow cancer patients wearing them in the chemo lounge I took to asking and support was universal.

Sheer number of injections over the last three months has made me realize how challenging it can be for oncology nurses … plus with Chemotherapy Round 4 beginning tomorrow there is no immediate end in sight. ... Because CT Scans and MRI's are important to my targeting and evaluation of treatment I needed the upgraded model ... and of course - thanks to CIGNA for understanding and approving

At least tomorrow after the wrapping comes off it should look more cool.

Pictured above any time there is anesthesia I wear a name tag … even though today was only ‘Twilight Anesthesia’ I want everyone on that team to know my name… should procedure go wrong … 

... nothing went wrong and soon I was enjoying a club sandwich in bed … something I have not enjoyed in years.

 Patrick Leer
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  1. Hi Patrick-I'm really glad to hear you got a port put in. It's gonna make things so much more relaxed for you and the Oncology team. I didn't have one but I probably should have. They could barely get the I'V's in me after the many rounds of chemo I received. So glad to see you looking so upbeat. Your a trooper.