Thursday, January 24, 2013

simply the best

Bearing a dozen white roses for my Nurse Practitioner, Nichole S. Cambruzzi, MSN, CRNP (nee Scicchitano) PinnacleHealth Primary Care, I returned to Blue Mountain Family Practice on Monday for my first annual physical since my diagnosis of lung cancer.

Why flowers? Because Nichole is simply the best!

She started the ball rolling uphill 13 months ago with the x-ray which is likely why I am alive today.

She had the perfect blend of guts and courtesy to call me just two days before Christmas with the possibly bad news, “just in case”.

She and her staff went to war for me with my insurance company for additional scans because my nodule was only 9 mm and not the ‘cookie cutter’ border line of 1 cm.

She had the compassion and trust to write me an RX for 60 Ativan guessing that even for a guy some days and nights learning to live with a lung cancer diagnosis just may need a couple pills. I still have 10 left. 

Through it all she has never cut me any slack over my ‘high normal’ blood pressure, there’s no playing the cancer card with her.

She made less money off me than anyone this past year, yet was the only medical professional to actually make a donation in my name to the 5K Lung Cancer Run/Walk I participated in.

Her staff in particular, Melissa and Chas, put up with all my 'drama queen' telephone moments while trying to set up appointments with labs for my scans and specialists I needed that accepted my insurance. … They were the voices of sanity where there just is no support group … the newly ‘self-diagnosed’.  

Oh and while my own lung cancer timeline played out successfully due in large part to her early detection … Nichole more than just saved one life, she created another life – finding time to give birth.

In my humble opinion, Nichole S. Cambruzzi, MSN, CRNP is simply the best there is in South Central Pennsylvania.
"In family practice it is a holistic way of treating a patient, we can look at the big picture, it is diverse and always interesting. You can help people on many levels." Nichole S. Cambruzzi MSN, CRNP
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