Wednesday, January 9, 2013

donating blood and lung cancer

Noticing a blood donation drive by PinnacleHealth I thought I should start 2013 off on a righteous foot after all PinnacleHealth Hospital is  where I had my successful lung cancer surgery.

Plus with all the blood draws for pre-scans, pre and post-surgery, and this or that appointment, I felt kind of like being stalked by a vampire for most of last year
Soooo needless to say I was surprised to learn that as a lung cancer ‘survivor’ I could NOT donate blood. 

In further conversation I learned that since I had only surgery for Stage 1, with no chemotherapy nor radiation and that with no evidence of metastasis that I could be re-considered in 5 years. Additionally I learned that different cancers have different time protocols for blood donations.

Curiously on the other hand, for everyone and anyone else, I discovered an article reporting that donating blood “reduces cancer risks ... especially colon, liver, throat and lung cancer"

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