Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free To Breath Lung Cancer 5K Run/Walk Harrisburg

This past weekend, I participated in a Free to Breathe Lung Cancer 5K Run/Walk 2012 on City Island in Harrisburg, PA. Most importantly I was struck by the passion of everyone involved.

During the rally beforehand, speakers often breaking with emotion shared their reasons for families running or walking to honor members lost to lung cancer along with teams of ‘20 somethings’ rallying in support of a friend unable to attend while battling for their life. …. The morning belonged to those who had been brought together by loss or heroic struggles just to see this morning.

Listening as a survivor I could not help but feel moments of wondering why am I so fortunate, or ‘survivor guilt’, and was tempted to slink into shadows however a toxic/mucus green shirt emblazoned with survivor is not the best of invisibility cloaks.
collage of pictures from Free To Breathe Lung Cancer 5K Run/Walk 2012 Harrisburg, PA on City Island, August 25

What was important was that 440 people, yes mostly touched by the loss of someone to lung cancer, came together and raised $34,000 to benefit "cutting-edge lung cancer research, educational programs for patients, advocates and healthcare professionals, and public awareness-raising programs"

If anything with increased awareness, increased screening and earlier detection, hopefully my odyssey will get crowded.

I have never been a runner and lung cancer surgery did not miraculously turn me into one. At 61 and a lung cancer survivor, I was however more than happy to finish the 5K Walk with not only less lung but less than a handful of walkers ahead of me.

by Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @ http://caregivinglyyours.blogspot.com/

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  1. I think you did the walk in an excellent time, Patrick! WTG to all who participated! I hope it was a good time too to connect with others walking a similar road that you are traveling these days.