Friday, July 26, 2013

Two out of three ain’t bad

Meeting with my oncologist to discuss yesterday’s CT Scan of neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis … 

In ‘lay speak’ … after 6 weeks of chemotherapy two of the three tumors in right lung have shrunk and one has not grown … 

… hugging and or hi-fiving anyone and everyone … it was time to pick up Patti for her annual mammogram … ‘family assistance’ was requested because Patti can be a most uncooperative patient, last year even slapping the tech ending the unsuccessful session.

Not much different this year except no one got hit …. Patti simply reinvented boundaries of cursing, swearing and yelling even with her own daughter trying to help before another mammogram bit the dust … 

A little time with the ducks, Papa John’s Pizza and Misto Shakes from Rita’s was next on the list  …
Picture collage captures me “preparing” in waiting lounge for my meeting over lung cancer scan and our post unsuccessful mammogram picnic in the park.

“We я Scans” 
Patrick Leer
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  1. That's good news ... hoping the "rest of the story" on the "hump & gullet" are equally good!


    1. thanks for the smile over coffee ... oh yes the rest of the hump & gullet story will be coming :)

  2. Ditto! Have followed both your blogs for over a year and am praying for the best of best news. Been through this waiting game with best friend and breast cancer--I am declaring victory for both of you!

    1. thank you, thank you ... the waiting game is maddening.

  3. GREAT NEWS!!! "Weeee arrre the champions!!" :)

    I am so excited to hear this news!!


    1. Jackie, I have not stopped hugging people! :)