Thursday, July 4, 2013

Round 2, Day 2 … Neulasta Shot

Maybe it’s too early to compare and contrast Round 2 with Round 1 … Fatigue continues to dominate … my world feels like it has been turned upside down and no energy to put it back together. ...

Reducing risk of infection is paramount during ‘strong chemotherapy’.  

Yeah of course I can avoid people and I have masks … plus the second day each round I get a shot of Neulesta to help boost my natural defenses.

 ‘Stronger chemotherapy’ caught my attention especially when I learned that Cisplatin was a derivative of Mustard Gas. … we are talking more than chemo here, we’re talking chemical warfare!
... (showing my age here) ... there are moments I feel like Slim Pickens riding the bomb down at the end of Dr. Strangelove.

Patrick Leer
Health Activist:
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  1. Looking good, Patrick!


    1. Thanks Jackie!! Now if only I felt good :)