Monday, July 29, 2013

Cisplatin vs Carboplatin

Boatloads of science can be discussed but for today having just begun Chemo Round #3 featuring a switch from (Cisplatin+Alimta) to (Carboplatin+Alimta) … 

I can share that after my first (Cisplatin+Alimta) treatment I wanted nothing to even taste much less eat … I lost 20 lbs living on popsicles and Boost for the first three weeks of Cisplatin 

… following today’s (Carboplatin+Alimta) I treated Megan to lunch at Panera Bread. We both inhaled bread bowls, hers potato soup mine tomato soup +++++ I also went for their ‘big kids’ grilled cheese sandwich.  …. The eating frenzy was not over without a coffee ice cream cone for desert at Rakestraw’s 

With two of three right lung tumors shrinking and the other one arrested, I salute you Cisplatin …  you are the baddest-ass butt-kicking descendant of Mustard Gas around.
Today I sing of your cousin Carboplatin!!!  I need to restore my body … thank you for the appetite. 

More to follow but for now it’s all delicious!!!
Patrick Leer
Health Activist:
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @


  1. Looking good, Patrick!! Glad to hear you are much better this time. Hope you stay strong and have good appetite with this one!


    1. thanks Jackie so far off to a great start with carboplatin !!! appetite? I'll be curious about weight gain in weeks ahead especially as I am only 8 lbs under BMI.

  2. Hi Patrick~I am so glad to hear that this new cocktail is working better for you. How great it must have been to have an appetite for a change. I had the same experience you did with the Extreme Nausea. I was given cisplatin and Gemzar in combination. I was extremely ill and at times they had to cancel the chemo. I did manage to make it through and complete the many rounds of chemo. I lost a lot of weight, but I needed to. LOL
    I am really glad I found you on twitter and can walk along side you in your journey. I just want you to know that statistics mean little. I was given a 20-25% chance of survival within the first five years. I can tell you that I didn't let that statistic control my life. When they give you odds, they are going from a book. They don't know about the support system you have, your faith, etc...I can tell you that I am here supporting you after being cancer-free for over nine years. I had the tumor removed from my middle lobe of my right lung on March 17 of 2004. Perfect anniversary as I am partly Irish and have always loved St. Patrick's Day. I plan to check in on your blog as often as I can. So glad you had a good day my new friend. P.S. I had non-small cell carcinoma.

    1. Linda thank you I agree that statistics are as bad as stigmas ... I am hoping to do some stigma busting ... meeting others like us is a major step ... Sunday PM I met a 30 year survivor and found myself tearing up as I hugged her ... I was discharged from the hospital on St. Patrick's Day 2012 after successful lung cancer surgery three day's earlier to remove a tumor from my left lung ... now on to destroy these three mini tumors in my right lung

  3. Patrick - "Delicious" ... that's an interesting way to describe your chemo cocktail, but I can appreciate that if it isn't accompanied by appetite suppression, that's all good. My brother did a Cisplatin cocktail in '89 for a metastasized testicular cancer abdominal tumor, and it was butt-kicking rough on him - nausea, no appetite, no immunity, the works. Best of all, he is still kicking butt today. Keep the faith, we are all praying for continued good reports.


    1. thank you Steve ... stories of fellow travelers is more empowering than people without cancer can ever imagine