Tuesday, July 23, 2013

buffalo hump vs turkey gullet

A week ago I wrote … “Not since our daughter was born have I known such joy as this morning.”

Unfortunately lung cancer is not a diagnosis but a nightmare ... the week of mind numbing euphoria ended with that same daughter noticing an inflamed lump on my throat …

... insisting I drive to Andrews & Patel ... I had the oncology nurses take a look … when words like ‘lymph node’, ‘lymphadenopathy’ and even ‘lymphoma’ are used in a conversation ... it’s time to both freak out and remember my mantra “take control do not let protocol kill you”

Is it a new cancer, the same cancer or no cancer? Cushing's syndrome?

Could it be a cancer of the adrenal glands? … with my luck, that "only about 2 people per million develop this type of tumor" is no consolation. 

With a clean MRI of the brain only 7 days ago, it is reasonably safe to look to the lungs, throat or lower body for an explanation.

Actively monitoring the gullet through the weekend it never hardened, no change in color except post shower, no impairment to swallowing, breathing nor eating … just a soft a squishy gullet like a turkey’s. 

Unbelievably zooming in on pics from Thursday at the pool the gullet is visible. 

This morning – “turkey gullet” became “buffalo hump” as my oncologist knew exactly what we were talking about except since we were only looking at the throat we never noticed the inflamed soft tissue at the base of my skull.
We “agreed” to put the beginning of my third round of chemo, which was supposed to start today on hold, … and get a CT Scan from throat to pelvis and meet again on Friday.

Fighting to outlive lung cancer I do not have time, I want to know NOW what’s going on 

Office called back … CT Scan “ON” for Thursday AM!!
Patrick Leer
Health Activist:
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  1. Hopefully, it will only be extra lumps and bumps, grown only in order to keep you walking on egg shells. I hate it when life continues to throw crap at me, don't you? Like either one of us has not had enough sh*t thrown at us prior to cancer!

    I will waiting to hear the results, Patrick!! I will praying for they are only lumps and bumps!!


    1. thanks Jackie ... "in order to keep us walking on egg shells" so captures a day in the life of tying to outlive lung cancer