Thursday, October 4, 2012

scanxiety a universal emotion

Midpoint between follow up CT scans after lung cancer surgery I found myself Googling “scanxiety” and curiously found a 2011 song by that name on You Tube, “Scanxiety (Waiting for the Scan)” by a band called The Wide Plains.

Googling more, I found a June interview which in turn lead to a link to the The Wide Plains Facebook page, messaged them asking if they would post the lyrics, which gratefully they did … danke schön!

Is scanxiety a universal emotion? … Beside being one of the 1 in 14 Americans diagnosed with lung cancer and experiencing ‘scanxiety’, how many others worldwide face the same anxieties undergoing medical tests. 

More than just a song, the Wide Plains' singer is by day a thoracic oncologist and leads a pallative care team. The lyrics of “Scanxiety” intend to express the apprehension and fear of patients with cancer who have to undergo scans at regular intervals as part of their follow-up care.

Toto?, I have a feeling we're not in the age of silly love songs anymore.

Scanxiety (Waiting for the scan)
The Wide Plains, Summer 2011

Here comes the fear again
While I´m waiting for the scan
Trying to stay as calm as I can

Though I felt the pain again
In my chest and in my brain
I am sure it is growing again

It`s a hell of a night before the scan
I´m afraid it will never end
If only I could tell I`m scared

But he`ll be agonised as well
Keeping silent as good as I can
The kids should have a normal day

I can hear my heart beat when they call my name
I lay down on the stretcher
Then the door will close
I`m holding my breath
and I have to go through the tunnel again on my own

They scan my body slice by slice
for lumps, nodes and opacities
while anxiety`s overwhelming me

if he only learned how to bring the news
and while he thinks to mean it well
he`s flooding me with guilt and shame

I long for words of warmth, support and empathy
I need your compassion
Not your dominance
Nor Your disrespect
To push it beneath the surface for six weeks
To hear their song on You Tube dubbed over some ‘interesting’ old super 8 footage … just click below

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @

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