Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the biggest looser – lung cancer funding

Here I was on a Monday night catching a few minutes of guilty pleasure watching WWE (professional wrestling entertainment) and out struts John Cena adorned in pink breast cancer awareness merchandize available on line at wwe.com.
WWE, John Cena, Susan G Komen for the Cure are teaming up against breast cancer
I shot out of my chair yelling at the screen as if I was live with tens of thousands of other WWE fans, wherever they were broadcasting from, except I’m screaming “WTF! Breast Cancer month is not until October! No fair!!"

When I first went shopping on line after my recovery from lung cancer surgery for something to wear as a badge of honor, I felt lung cancer got the left overs of marketing.  First of all what’s with ‘clear’ or ‘pearl’ as a ribbon color, who picked that?  I go to my first lung cancer 5K and I get recognized with a “survivor” shirt in mucus green, who thought of that? Eventually I had to order my survivor hat from Zazzle instead of any lung cancer organization.

Lung cancer is deadlier to women than breast cancer but gazillions gather to run or march for the less dangerous cancer. What is wrong?

What is John Cena doing promoting merchandize in mid-September for Susan G Komen?

Shouldn’t there be rules of fair play about fundraising? September is 'pediatric cancer month' can’t the pink fundraising bullies wait two weeks. Here I go sounding pre-geezer again but I remember a time that celebrities used to support pediatric cancer with ads for St. Judes.

It’s a damn shame cancer fundraising can’t be shared but that is not the American way.

I also hope it is not about numbers. I mean there are 24 lung cancer organizations. Lincoln observed that "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Hint, hint - maybe less lung cancer organizations would make for a stronger voice. 

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @ http://caregivinglyyours.blogspot.com/


  1. Patrick until I read your blog it didn't really hit me about the lack of lung cancer support.
    I was diagnosed in Feb., so this is all new to me. I happened upon your blog while looking for help with fundraising ideas.
    I am thankful to have a blog to read that is honest and doesn't sugar coat the journey we are all on.
    Bless you. I will stop in again.

  2. The lack of financial support for lung cancer is scary. I feel that it has everything to do with people thinking that lung cancer is only caused by lifestyle choices. Therefore, those who get it deserve it. What a silly way to think about any disease- lung cancer to diabetes.

  3. Patrick I wrote a status on my FB one night about the stigma of lung cancer. Yes I was a smoker, but I don't feel that I deserved to get cancer. I told a close friend of mine that I was tired of getting the "look" when I told people I have lung cancer. She told me I was just feeling guilty and that they really didn't think I deserved cancer. I said,"guilty?" Another feeling to add to the many others that I have over this disease.
    There is another cancer group that doesn't get discussed very often and that must be the idea of talking about children dying. But, childhood cancer seems to be taboo also.
    I think you are right about some of the organizations consolidating.
    Thank you for sharing your walk with this disease.

    1. Lynn thanks for sharing this comment. What is with the whole 'I didn't deserve' look? What does that say about people that can see it on us? It reminds me of the myth of the ugly baby. Is any one really going to tell a couple their baby is ugly? Is anyone really going to tell me, "you deserved cancer"?