Wednesday, September 12, 2012

flu shot and lung cancer

Flu Shot at Giant Pharmacy - no appointment necessary- many insurance plans accepted - cost is just $30 - available at any pharmacy
Walking into local Giant Food Stores today I noticed this sign for "get flu shot today, no appointment necessary, many insurance plans accepted" ... asked pharmacy to check my insurance - covered 100% of cost, yeah!

Never having previously had a medical problem in my lifetime this annual flu vaccine was just another Fall ritual like falling leaves until I remembered my lung cancer diagnosis and treatment this year and whoa nelly hit the brakes. 

The pharmacist was patient walking me through the pre-vaccination interview checklist and explaining the cancer related questions before proceeding with injection of the inactivated vaccine.

... sooooo bottom line went to the grocery store and ended up with a 'free' flu shot plus $30 in coupons ... what is not to like! This is how health care SHOULD BE!!!

by Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @

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