Saturday, July 21, 2012

lung cancer survivor blogs

Two days ago my lungs showed no evidence of cancer on my 4 month post surgery CT scan. My emotional and mental health was feeling pumped up for the first time since I heard that phrase “vague nodular density” 7 months ago.

Then I started surfing the Internet and reading lung cancer blogs.

First let me say they are shared stories of mind numbing courage, heroic by any definition.

Yet I am also left wondering if optimism is the fool’s gold of lung cancer survivorship.

lung cancer survivor wearing a baseball style hat emblazoned with lung cancer survivor
It only takes one story of someone else who had successful stage 1 lung surgery only to later discover themselves battling stage 4 in both lungs to deflate my ‘nouvel optimisme’. After reading a couple I had to look away. My survivor confidence is still fragile.

Looking back later and reading on I almost feel inebriated on inspiration.

Blogs are never either the norm or the exception they are the voices of those who choose to share. As I find active lung cancer blogs I list them in my sidebar.

A quarter million new families will receive a diagnosis of lung cancer just this year. Silence is not golden.

by Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS caregiver @

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