Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dr. Troy Moritz, DO

To paraphrase the most interesting man in the world "I don't always have surgery, but when I do, I prefer Troy Moritz, DO. Stay healthy, my friends."

Previously in this journal I have written about my successful lung cancer surgery and recovery. Yet to call it mine is to leave out the major player in the story, the thoracic surgeon Troy A. Moritz, DO, PinnacleHealth Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

What impressed me the most about this man were his people skills. He took the time to know me before he cut which I believe better enabled me to return to who I was by using minimally invasive procedures.

Surgery is scary and maybe more so to those in the waiting room because the unknown is even scarier. Dr. Moritz made the time when I was unconsciously oblivious to keep our daughter more than informed almost feeling involved. While I remember nothing, she got to see pictures of his hand in my lung. J

Enough of me, how about I let you hear and see him speak for himself in his 2 minute You Tube video:

Patrick Leer
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(originally posted in Caregivingly Yours June 3, 2012)


That corgi :) said...
Great to have a physician with that type of expertise and a good bedside approach too! The whole thought of what they can do in surgery these days continues to amaze me with how much things have changed in even a few short years; hope all is going well Patrick :)

FrankandMary said...
Pictures inside Daddy's lung. Yup, scarier.
Patrick said...
Mary, I'm still chasing that picture around the medical records carousel. :) I want to see it!!! It's not fair I slept through the whole thing.
Patrick said...
Betty after a quarter century of dealing with Patti's neurologists none of whom apparently have even a concept of bedside manners much less results, it was eye opening to meet a person of medicine that not only believed the practice of medicine should produce results but that the patient matters.
oklhdan said...
Thanks for sharing your journey with lung surgery. It has been both informational and inspiring. Ron is facing the same surgery and your tips i.e. (down vest) etc. have been helpful. He now has some idea of what to expect and so do I. He was especially interested in the epidural!!
Patrick said...
Glad I could help. Definitely tell Ron to ask about the epidural, my new motto is "real men get an epidural!" :)
Patrick said...
Another weird tip I discovered is bracing myself against a door jam to cough or sneeze. Cannot explain why it works but if Ron needs to cough or sneeze in those first days and/or weeks at home get to a door jam and hug it with the non-operated on side of his body - it reduces the pain.

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